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Experienced Defense Against Federal Crime Charges in Tennessee

State criminal offenses are the most common in Tennessee courts. These crimes consist of violations of Tennessee law and are prosecuted and defended in the local courts. Federal crimes, however, are crimes that violate laws passed by Congress or are based on some federal matter. These crimes are subject to harsher penalties, and a federal criminal conviction is generally a much more serious matter in terms of your future. These crimes may be investigated by such federal law agencies as the FBI, the DEA, the Secret Service, the IRS, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and others.

In cases where you have been accused of a federal crime, are under a federal investigation, or have received a "target letter," you will need an attorney who is licensed to practice in federal court. It is highly recommended that you have a defender in your corner who has experience handling these high-level criminal allegations as soon as possible. At The Bosch Law Firm, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys have handled the most complex and serious federal crimes in federal court. We understand the high stakes involves in these matters and can use our decades of legal practice, our investigative resources, and all of our honed skills to help you pursue the best possible outcome.

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Types of Federal Crimes

Federal laws involve matters of national interest, take place on federal property, or cross state lines, as in federal drug trafficking. These can be violent crimes, such as homicide or kidnapping as well as nonviolent crimes like tax fraud, bank fraud and healthcare fraud. They fall under the federal criminal code and involve federal sentencing guidelines that judges must refer to when determining penalties; these guidelines can lead to huge fines as well as lengthy incarceration in a federal penitentiary.

The federal criminal process includes different courts, U.S. Attorneys, and federal magistrates who assist judges with various aspects of each case.

Examples of federal crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Racketeering
  • Tax evasion
  • Extortion
  • Bribery
  • Drug trafficking
  • Human or sex trafficking
  • Bank robbery
  • Mail fraud
  • Internet fraud schemes
  • Investment scams
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Money laundering
  • Identity theft
  • Healthcare fraud, such as against Medicare
  • Terrorist threats
  • Insider trading
  • Child pornography
  • Other types of fraud

What are the Penalties for Federal Crimes?

These types of crimes can involve months or even years of intensive investigation by federal law enforcement agencies with the full backing of the U.S. government. They can result in misdemeanor or felony charges. Federal misdemeanor charges can result in up to a year in prison with fines ranging from $5,000 up to $100,000. Federal felony charges can range from more than a year in prison up to 25 years, and of life imprisonment depending upon the seriousness of the offense. Fines for federal felonies can range up to $250,000. Restitution and forfeiture orders can range up to millions of dollars.

The collateral consequences of a federal criminal conviction will include damage to your reputation; these crimes will be available through background checks to future employers, landlords, and other interested parties. They can hinder your ability to gain employment, housing, federal student aid, and more. Convictions of such crimes can also have negative consequences for noncitizens. The convictions cannot be expunged.

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Facing federal criminal accusations can be a frightening and extremely stressful situation for anyone. You will need the legal protection and skilled guidance of attorneys who know how the federal system works and how to effectively defend you. That is what you will find at The Bosch Law Firm, P.C. Our legal team has decades of combined experience handling cases both inside the courtroom as well as outside the courtroom in working with prosecutors. We offer effective legal defense representation aimed at backing you up all the way and seeking your best possible case result.

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